7 open-source NoCode/LowCode solutions to watch in 2023

The open source NoCode/Lowcode space is booming. When it comes to create internal applications in a few hours while ensuring your data are managed on your infrastructure, they offer a great alternative to leading proprietary solutions like Bubble or Airtable.

  • NocoDB is an open source NoCode platform that turns any database into a smart spreadsheet. Probably the best open source alternative to Airtable.
  • Baserow enables you to create an online database like Airtable without technical experience.
  • Budibase is an app builder to build internal apps in a few hours. With more than 13.000 Github stars, Budibase is one of the Gorilla in this field.
  • n8n is an open source workflow automation platform, very similar to what Zapier, Make.com or Parabola do. Connected with more than 200 sources, available also in a SaaS mode, n8n is an amazing solutions when it come to create workflow visually and execute them in a matter of minutes.
  • Directus.io turns any SQL database into an API and a no-code app. With 16k+ stars on GitHub and a strong community, Directus.io is one of the fastest growing open source low-code solution in the market.
  • Convertigo provides a LowCode or NoCode solution depending on your need. Used by a lot of Fortune 2000 companies, it is very mature when it come to build corporate apps.
  • Tooljet is the open source alternative to Retool. A lot of connector, a strong community and a transparent business model make Tooljet the leading solution in this space.

There are many other solutions you can explore if you do not find what you are looking for in the previous list. Here is a list of other solutions to explore:

  • Joget enables users to visually build apps and automate processes. A bit old in term of architecture, it is nevertheless used by a lot of Fortune 2000 companies.
  • SaltCorn is a very simple yet powerful open source Airtable like platform.
  • Rintagi create enterprise-grade applications and is based on C#. A great solution if your information system is Microsoft based.
  • LocoKit is a new and promising open-source platform that provides Database Management as a Spreadsheet with an App Builder.
  • SeaTable and Baserow are another Airtable open source alternatives.
  • Supabase is one of the best open source Firebase alternative.
  • OSBP (open standard business platform) is the community version of OS.bee, an open source software development environment combining no-code, low-code as well as traditional model driven and automated application development. Based on domain specific languages, it is made for developers who want to implement by modeling tailor-made business, enterprise or any other application the fastest and easiest possible way.