3 open source autonomous AI projects that will change the way you look at GPT-4

Autonomous AI are systems designed to perform a wide range of tasks across various domains without human intervention. With the rise of GPT-4 and other LLMs agent, a new generation of Autonomous AI are emerging: they use the combination of all the new AI services like GPT-4 and the vasy amount of data available on the Internet to resolve tasks without much human interactions.

Here are the top 3 open source solutions emerging:

autoGPT is an experimental open-source attempt to make GPT-4 fully autonomous.

baby AGI uses GPT-4, Pinecone’s vector search, and Lang Chain’s AI frameworks to autonomously create and perform tasks based on objectives. It creates tasks based on the result of previous tasks and a predefined objective. The script then uses OpenAI’s language model capabilities to create new tasks based on the objective and Pinecone to store and retrieve task results for context.

AgentGPT is an autonomous AI solution enabling the configuration and deployment of autonomous AI agents. It will attempt to reach the goal you define by thinking of tasks to do, executing them, and learning from the results. AgentGPT has long-term memory and adaptive learning from past experience.