FlockDB is a distributed graph database for storing adjancency lists, with goals of supporting: – a high rate of add/update/remove operations – potientially complex set arithmetic queries – paging through query result sets containing millions of entries – ability to “archive” and later restore archived edges – horizontal scaling including replication – online data migration Non-goals include: – multi-hop queries (or graph-walking queries) – automatic shard migrations FlockDB is much simpler than other graph databases such as neo4j because it tries to solve fewer problems. It scales horizontally and is designed for on-line, low-latency, high throughput environments such as web-sites. Twitter uses FlockDB to store social graphs (who follows whom, who blocks whom) and secondary indices. As of April 2010, the Twitter FlockDB cluster stores 13+ billion edges and sustains peak traffic of 20k writes/second and 100k reads/second.