adamoto is an Application Deployment And MOnitoring TOol. It’s a client/server based application for deploying software packages with a web-frontend. The web-frontend in conjunction with the server enables you to administrate and monitor the deployment of software packages on the computers in your network. With the server you can do the following tasks: * define packages for deployment * define where a package should be installed * monitor the status of each package * monitor the status for each computer Adamoto supports linux rpm-files and windows msi-files directly. So you just have to download a rpm file and can at once deploy it without writing any shellcode. Adamoto supports native install scripts as well, if you like to write your own installer as linux sh script or a windows batch. The first time the client connects, it registers at the server. Now the client is visible at the frontend and packages can be deployed to it. Regularly the client connects to the server, asks for packages to install, receives the packages via http/ftp and starts the installation process based on the received deployment information. After the installation process the result of the installation will be send to the server. The server application requires Linux or Apache, Tomcat, MySQL and is written in JAVA. The client requires Windows, Linux, JRE and Perl. The client application is written in JAVA and Perl.