The DotGNU project aims to be for webservices and for C# programs what GNU/Linux is rapidly becoming for desktop and server applications: the industry leader and provider of Free Software solutions. DotGNU currently consists of three main development projects (further components will be added over time): – DotGNU Portable.NET, an implementation of the Common Language Infrastructure (CLI), more commonly known as “.NET”, includes everything that you need to compile and run C# and C applications that use the base class libraries, XML, and Systems.Windows.Forms. Currently supported CPUs: x86, ppc, arm, parisc, s390, ia64, alpha, mips, sparc. Supported operating systems: GNU/Linux (on PCs, Sparc, iPAQ, Sharp Zaurus, PlayStation 2, Xbox,…), *BSD, Cygwin/Mingw32, Mac OS X, Solaris, AIX. [Intro] [Download] [Install] – phpGroupWare, a multi-user web-based GroupWare suite, which also serves to provide a good collection of webservice components, all of which can be accessed through XML-RPC so that you can easily integrate them into webservice applications of your own. – The DGEE webservice server is also moving forward nicely.