The druid is a tools that allows users to create databases in a graphical way. The user can add tables, fields, folders to group tables and can modify most of the database options that follow the SQL-92 standard. In addition to sql options, the user can document each table and each field with HTML information. Once the database is created, the druid can generate: HTML documentation: for all tables, with browsing facilities PDF documentation: for all tables Java classes: (one class for each table) that contain tables’ constants (such as fields size) plus java code added by the user A data dictionarythat contains all tables and fields present in the database SQL script which contains all table definitions that can be piped to the DBMS And much more info… Features Graphical editing Tables groupable in a hierarchy Extended generation capabilities including HTML documentation, Data Dictionary, SQL script, Java classes Custom datatypes for the database that are mapped into real DBMS datatypes Revision history and automatic build increment Custom java code for each table Table summary Table editing facility Automatic table localization for multi-language applications Cut & Paste