FIPA-OS is a component-based toolkit enabling rapid development of FIPA compliant agents. FIPA-OS supports the majority of the FIPA Experimental specifications and is being continuously improved as a managed Open Source community project, making it an ideal choice for any FIPA compliant agent development activity. FIPA-OS was first released in August 1999 as the first publicly available, royalty-free ( for commercial and academic use ) implementation of FIPA technology. FIPA-OS is implemented in 100% pure Java. Two flavours of FIPA-OS are available: * Standard FIPA-OS – Two alternative distributions are provided (Please consult the Installation page for further details on how to obtain and install FIPA-OS) o Java 2 (JDK1.2) compatible version. This contains code developed directly from the FIPA-OS codebase without modifications o Java 1.1 compatible version. This contains code, which has undergone automated code-refactoring to enable the JDK1.2 compatible code of FIPA-OS to be used with JDK1.1. * MicroFIPA-OS – This is an extension to the JDK 1.1 version of FIPA-OS, developed and maintained primarily by the University of Helsinki. It has been designed from the ground up to execute on PDA’s such as the Compaq iPaq using the Linux or PocketPC operating system Developers using FIPA-OS are encouraged to provide extensions, bug fixes and feedback to help improve the planned future releases. Special thanks is extended to the growing list of contributors. Since the release of FIPA-OS there have been over 40000 downloads and over 30 contributors including Sonera Corporation, The MITRE Corporation, Nortel Networks, and many leading universities from around the world. A full list is available from: contributions.htm. FIPA-OS is constantly evolving, so to access the latest information please consult our most recent announcements. The growing FIPA-OS community provides access to information and support on using FIPA-OS.