Fisheye delivers a unified view of your repository that provides easy navigation, powerful search, historical reporting, configurable file annotation and diff views, changeset analysis, RSS feeds, and integration with your issue tracker. Many more features and enhancements are also under development. FishEye takes the pain out of extracting data from you repository, and puts all that data on your radar. Browse Quickly find the files and directories you are looking for: * Easily traverse deep directory hierarchies with FishEye’s exploded directory browser. [eg] * See the latest changes in the subtree you are browsing. * Per-directory and per-file linecount history charts rendered on the fly. * Limit your view to a particular branch, tag, date, or author. [eg] * View each file’s branch history as a clickable graph. [eg] Search FishEye enables you to search based on combinations of author, date, tag, branch, file, comment, and file contents (coming soon). Search with a simple form or craft complex queries using FishEye’s intuitive SQL-like query language EyeQL. Read more about FishEye’s advanced search capabilities. Annotation File contents are shown with author and revision annotation. Drill down to see any line in its original context. [eg] Diff View diffs between arbitrary revisions with configurable context and whitespace exclusion. Easily navigate between diff blocks. Extended diff view shows actual changes within a line (similar to Emacs ediff). [eg] Further enhancements to diff view are under development. Changesets Related checkins are grouped together as a single changeset. [eg] View diffs for whole changeset inline. [eg] Changelog Browse change history for the entire repository or any subdirectory. Filter by author, branch, date, or tag. [eg] RSS Feeds RSS Feeds keep you in touch with the action from any point in the repository. Integration Issue tracking numbers in your checkin comments can be automatically linked to any issue tracking system, including JIRA or Bugzilla.