GNU Enterprise is a meta-project which is part of the overall GNU Project. It is three linked things: – 1. A set of tools, such as a data-aware user forms interface, a reporting system and an application server, which provide a development framework for enterprise information technology professionals to write or customise data-aware applications and deploy them effectively across large or small organisations. The GNUe platform boasts an open architecture and easy maintenance. It gives users a modular system and freedom from being stuck with a single-source vendor. GNUe supports multi-language interfaces and non-ASCII character sets. -2. A set of packages written using the tools, to implement a full Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. From human resources, accounting, customer relationship management and project management to supply chain or e-commerce, GNUe can handle the needs of any business, large or small. GNUe supports multi-currency processing (including euro support). – 3. A general community of support and resources for developers writing applications using the GNUe Tools (whether part of the ‘official’ GNUe Packages or not). It is designed to collect Enterprise software for the GNU system in a single location (much like the GNOME project collects Desktop software). GNUe is a Free Software project (released under the GNU General Public License) with a corps of volunteer developers around the world working on GNUe projects. This provides the added benefits of easy internationalization of applications. The project is working to provide a worldwide GNUe community, allowing everyone who is involved in the project access to other talented business information technology professionals.