The GridSphere portal framework provides an open-source portlet based Web portal. GridSphere enables developers to quickly develop and package third-party portlet web applications that can be run and administered within the GridSphere portlet container. Here you will find the GridSphere portal framework available for download and documentation related to the installation and development of portlets using GridSphere. * Portlet API implementation fully 100% JSR 168 compliant * Portlet development supported using Java Server Faces (JSF) standard * Additional Portlet API implementation nearly fully compatible with IBM’s WebSphere® 4.2. * Support for the easy development and integration of new portlet applications * Higher-level model for building complex portlets using visual beans and the GridSphere User Interface (UI) tag library. * Flexible XML based portal presentation description can be easily modified to create customized portal layouts. * Built-in support for Role Based Access Control (RBAC) separating users into guests, users, admins and super users. * Sophisticated portlet service model that can encapsulate reusable portlet logic into services that may be shared between many portlets. * Persistence of data provided using Hibernate JDO/OQL for database support * Integrated Junit/Cactus unit tests for complete server side testing of portlet services including the generation of test reports. * GridSphere core portlets: Login, Logout, Locale settings Profile personalization and Layout customization Administration portlets for creation of users, groups, portlet management and portal layout customization * Localization support in the Portlet API implementation and GridSphere core portlets support French, English, German, Dutch, Czech, Polish, Hungarian, Italian and even Arabic and Chinese! * Open-source and 100% free! 🙂