The Hyades project provides an open source platform for Automated Software Quality (ASQ) tools, and a range of open source reference implementations of ASQ tooling for testing, tracing and monitoring software systems. By closely integrating ASQ tooling into the Eclipse development environment, and providing effective tool interoperability among ASQ tools and with other tools, the Hyades project aims to move software quality practices earlier into the application development cycle, and to allow a consistent and continuous approach to ASQ processes throughout development, deployment and out into production. For ASQ tool vendors and integrators, Hyades is delivering an extensible framework and infrastructure that embraces automated testing, trace, profiling, monitoring, and asset management. Unlike test and trace tools available today, Hyades provides a unified data model, a normative user experience and workflow, and a united set of APIs and reference tools that work consistently across the range of targets. Hyades extends Eclipse beyond the traditional bounds of an IDE. The goal of the Hyades project is to bring ASQ tools into the Eclipse environment in a consistent way that maximizes integration with tools used in the other processes of the software lifecycle. This enhanced integration should reduce the cost and complexity of implementing effective automated software quality control processes. Hyades is designed to support a full range of testing methodologies via an open-source infrastructure layer through which ASQ tools can interoperate. Tools’ user interfaces are rendered through the Eclipse workbench, and share data through an OMG-defined test profile model implemented via the Eclipse Modeling Framework (EMF). Examples of simple open-source test and trace tooling are provided by the project. Additional Hyades-compatible vendor offerings are available as Eclipse plugins.