The Indosoft Dialer is an open-standard open-architecture switch and comes with a full suite of Database, List-management, Scripting and Administrative console. It connects to Open source databases like MySQL, Postgres as well as proprietary databases like Oracle. It runs on one of the most stable CTI telephony platforms with a Soft-switch that provides a feature rich PBX and call routing. The Dialer can be set to run in Agent Ready, Power and Preview Dialing mode as well. The Predictive Dialer is designed to comply with the FCC requirements for outbound dialing. It’s real time Do Not Call List enforcement will protect the user from violating the Federal and State Do Not Call List. It also enforces time of the day calling thereby restricting the calling to normal calling hours. The Indosoft Predictive Dialer connects to the Public Telephone network (PSTN) using a PRI (T1) or a VoIP interface (SIP, H323 or IAX). With VoIP connectivity to PSTN, an assured bandwidth is essential for every voice conversation and it can be optimized using compression CODECs.

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