JCreator is a powerful IDE for Java™ technologies that provides more power at your fingertips than all the ordinary IDEs combined. What makes JCreator a cut above the rest? Just look at the following features: Manage projects with ease in the interface that is much like Microsoft® Visual Studio®. Define your own color schemes for unlimited ways to organize your code. Unlike most IDEs, JCreator wraps around your existing projects and allows you to use different JDK profiles. Get down to writing code quickly with our project templates. Our class browser makes viewing your project a breeze. Debug with an easy, intuitive interface. No need for silly DOS prompts! Walk through our wizards and cut to the chase of writing your project, quickly and easily. You don’t have to spend valuable time on Classpath configuration—JCreator does it all for you. Customize our user interface the way that you like it. Set up your own run-time environments to run your application as an applet, in a JUnit environment or in a DOS window. JCreator has lower system requirements, yet faster speed, than all those other IDEs.