Majordomo is a program which automates the management of Internet mailing lists. Commands are sent to Majordomo via electronic mail to handle all aspects of list maintenance. Once a list is set up, virtually all operations can be performed remotely by email, requiring no intervention upon the postmaster of the list site. (For a web-based interface to Majordomo, see the MajorCool add-on package). Majordomo controls a list of addresses for some mail transport system (like sendmail or smail) to handle. Majordomo itself performs no mail delivery (though it has scripts to format and archive messages). Here’s a short list of some of the features of Majordomo: Supports various types of lists, including moderated All list management activities are handled by email, so list owners don’t need access to Majordomo server machine Supports archival and remote retrieval of messages Supports digests Modular design – use only the features you need Written in Perl – easily customizable and expandable Includes support for FTPMAIL Supports confirmation of subscriptions, to protect against forged subscription requests List filters, based on header or body regular expressions