Middlegen is a free general-purpose database-driven code generation engine based on JDBC , Velocity , Ant and XDoclet . If you already have a database, you can use Middlegen to generate… Persistance layer with EJB (CMP 2.0) Persistance layer with JDO Persistance layer with Hibernate Persistance layer with Torque Database GUI with JSP/Struts Developping database-driven applications with Middlegen is easy: Create the database with your preferred database modeler tool Configure Middlegen to access the database and read the database schema Run Middlegen from Ant, and (optional) with the GUI tool, rename tables and columns, tune relationships and type-mappings Generate your source code with Middlegen Run XDoclet to generate the additional files like EJB homes and interfaces, and deployment descriptors Compile and deploy your application