Midgard CMS is a stable and flexible Open Source Content Management System built on the popular LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP) platform. The system provides several benefits: * Rapid deployment – Websites can be built very quickly using the components and templates bundled with Midgard CMS. Typical deployment projects by skilled Midgard implementors take only 2-3 days * Ease of use – Content creation with Midgard can be made very easy using a “Edit this page” feature * Internationalization – Midgard provides localized user interfaces to many languages, and supports managing content in multiple languages and character sets, including UTF-8 * Accessibility – Midgard CMS includes an accessible (WAI, section 508) user interface which enables disabled users to manage content and other site features * Multi-company support – Midgard’s virtual databases model supports managing multiple organizations in the same Midgard installation * Scalability – Midgard installations have been scaled up to terabytes of data and hundreds of thousands daily users