NuSPHERE PHPed is a rich IDE for PHP: – code highlighting features greatly facilitate your working with PHP, XML, XHTML, HTML, CSS and JavaScript code. Code templates allow you to type whole code fragments at once by a single key press. You can add new templates and change existing ones. – Fully customizable shortcuts, advanced editor features such as brace matching, context-sensitive auto-indent and smart-home speed up your work significantly. – New search and replace scope. Now find and replace works in multiple files and directories as well as in all opened files! Regular expressions allow you to find text using complex conditions. – Improved support for drag-n-drop operations. Try to drag an image from the file browser or project manager in to your HTML page directly. Database explorer supports drag operations too. Handy NuSOAP classes can be dragged directly to your code just like the code templates. – Hints show you arguments and returning value for a just typed function, as well as a short description for them. Fast functions reference shows you all the PHP functions as they are available from PHP extensions. – Enhanced project deployment. Once publishing is set up according to your needs, you can upload your PHP projects with a single click! – Using integrated MySQL and UltraSQL/PostgreSQL clients, you can work with your databases from one IDE. – NuSOAP compatibility. With supplied NuSOAP library, you can build a Web Service in less than few minutes. Your existing php functions can work as Web Services with a very tiny wrapper provided by NuSOAP. No WSDL creation required, everything is done on the fly. – Seamlessly integrated CVS client enables you to easily review changes in old versions of a source files to track bugs while working on the same project in a team of developers. – New extensible help subsystem supports CHM tutorials and allows you get the right reference at the right moment. Well designed PHP, HTML, MySQL, PostgreSQL and CSS manuals are included. – Enhanced integration. Integrate PhpED IDE with 3rd party tools like PHP encoders, formatters or HTML validators. – New embedded tools for more effective coding, editing and code management. PhpED IDE includes a number of pre-configured tools like PHP documentor, HTML Tidy and CVS client. – Advanced code-completion. Now PhpED supports object-oriented coding for PHP, as well as HTML or CSS code. – Unmatched customization. Enrich the IDE with new commands and correct the predefined ones. – Project-wide code analyzer in PhpED IDE shows all php classes, methods, properties, functions and variables in every detail detail and facilitates object-oriented programming. – Advanced PHP profiler. PhpED profiler shows executing time for each line, function or module of the code with tenth millisecond’s precision. You can locate all the bottlenecks quickly and efficiently. Profiler saves all the timings among multiple sessions so your can compare them and evaluate your improvements. – Support for international character sets, including UTF-8. PhpED IDE can be used to create web sites in different encodings. – Secure deployment. Support for FTPS (TLS/SSL) and WebDAV/HTTPS (SSL) protocols make deployment and data transfer secure now.