The purpose of the OpenEAI Project is to discover and document the controlling dynamics, principles, and practices of enterprise application integration and to present, implement, and promote those findings. The OpenEAI Project presents findings in the form of the OpenEAI methodology and OpenEAI software for implementing integrations. We suggest you read the OpenEAI Overview for additional background on enterprise application integration (EAI). The OpenEAI Project is comprised of six distinct, but closely-related departments, which address OpenEAI Methodology, Application Foundation APIs, Message Object API, Message Definitions, Reference Implementations, and Deployment and Administration. The OpenEAI Project is characterized by: * collaborative research and development * clear understanding and documenting the principles of EAI * creation of high-quality software that leads the way in the field * open software licenses that acknowledge the need for embedding OpenEAI software in proprietary products The OpenEAI Project is guided by the OpenEAI Software Foundation. The foundation exists to provide organizational, legal, and financial support to the project. Foundation members are individuals who have demonstrated a sustained commitment to the OpenEAI Project and made significant contributions in the form of EAI research and open source development.