OpenSyncro is a lightweight, open source enterprise application integration tool written in Java language. It runs on Apache Tomcat application server and stores its configuration data in MySQL database. OpenSyncro is distributed under the GNU General Public License. OpenSyncro was originally developed for connecting Smilehouse Workspace to other enterprise applications, for example ERP, CRM and SCM systems, but it can be used independently for integrations between other applications, as well as for various data conversion tasks. Benefits of OpenSyncro in application integration 1) Ready-to-use components for data transfers and data conversions * Source components: o Built-in: FTP, local and network filesystems o Smilehouse Workspace export * Data conversion components: o CSV to XML o ASCII to XML, with regular expressions o XML->Any, with standard XSLT (versions 1.0 and 2.0) * Destination components: o Built-in: FTP, local and network filesystems o Smilehouse Workspace import 2) Dynamic component model * New components can be developed in Java language * New components may be loaded run-time * One component can be a part of virtually any number of integration processes * Web browser based component configuration, no developer tools to install 3) Logging and error handling * Complete logging of data transfer and conversion events at each component with three log levels available: error, warning and debug * The framework allows notifying the source application of unrecoverable errors in integration process execution (limited support for transactions) 4) 3rd party software Connector Packs available * A Connector Pack includes source, converter and destination components that enable integrating a certain software to any other application * Connector Packs are available for the following software: o Smilehouse Workspace (Free, included in the GPL distribution packages) o SAP Business One 2004A o SAP Business One v6.5 o HansaWorld * Connector Packs are continuously developed and supported by Smilehouse * Connector Packs can be purchased from Smilehouse