PXES is the micro Linux distribution allowing you to build thin clients or diskless workstations. Hardware not suitable for other uses like current desktop OS can be recycled and converted into a thin client. See the complete list of features. The configuration is made with an easy to use graphical tool which guide you through the required steps. After booting the thin client will be capable of accessing any Unix/Linux XDM (X Display Manager) server presenting the graphical login screen or any Microsoft Terminal Server through RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol), Citrix ICA server, VNC server or NoMachine NX or FreeNX server. This approach doesn’t use NFS (Network File System) making it ideal to access Microsoft Terminal Server with no need of deploying a Unix/Linux NFS server or accessing services over low speed connections presents in WAN (Wide Area Networks) or Internet VPN (Virtual Private Network) environments. Because no local devices, such diskette, cd-rom or hard disks are needed, you can dramatically reduce the TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) with clients as thin as possible. This means for example that you can reduce the virus and security incidents in your network to a minimun. But if you need such devices you can configure the clients to use sound, local print services, USB, cd-rom, etc. By the way, no mechanical parts means among many things: less noise, less energy and fewer failures.