TIBET’s Active Client Library™ (ACL) is client-side middleware — a layered set of functionality that simultaneously supports web service and XML APIs for server communication as well as MVC interaction with multiple UI display technologies. The TIBET ACL adds unrivaled object-oriented features to JavaScript, ensures ECMA-262 compliance, and adds preemptive support for several existing and emerging web standards the browsers don’t natively support. The TIBET ACL includes a rich library of over 900 object-oriented types and 4500 methods supporting: * true OO development in existing browsers, * HTML, DHTML, Flash, XUL, and SVG display, * SOAP, XML-RPC, CGI/REST, and XMPP comm, * full dynamic MVC via state-change events, * DOM/DHTML manipulation and inspection, * custom client-side XML tags and templating, * dynamic loading and file/directory access, * interactive JavaScript and HTML unit testing, * and much, much more.