Zenoss is a powerful, easy-to-use, open source IT systems monitoring and management product. The goal of Zenoss is to provide an affordable, more usable, and open alternative to the big “enterprise management” suites. Zenoss today provides a complete set of systems monitoring functions including: configuration discovery, availability monitoring, performance monitoring, event management and alerting. Over time, Zenoss will expand to offer additional “management” functionality through further development and selective partnering with other open source projects. Written in Python using the Zope web application server. Zenoss integrates over 20 other open source products including: MySQL, RRDtool, Cricket, PySMP, Net-SNMP, sendpage and Twisted. Zenoss has been used to monitor large-scale, production operations since 2002 (including CableVision, Inc.). Zenoss is monitoring-focused today; it will evolve to include deeper “management” functionality through additional development and partnering with other open source projects.